Lemon Passion Fruit

Product Name
Lemon Passion Fruit

To add a special flavor to the refreshing lemon, we added a tropical fruit, passion fruit.
The lemon passion fruit made in this way has a refreshing and rich taste.
The flesh and skin of lemon and passion fruit blend together to give you a more attractive taste.
Lemon Passion Fruit is perfect for the summer, and you can feel refreshed with a sip.

  • Fruit Tea
  • Fruit Ade
  • Fruit Dressing
  • Jam

It is made with good ingredients.

Esan Global Bio Co., Ltd. is based on the supply and demand of fresh raw materials and strict screening standards.

  • Warm Tea

    Put hot water in a cup, add liquid tea and extract, and stir to complete the warm tea.

  • Cool Ade

    Enjoy cool ade in hot summer by mixing it with cold or carbonated water!

  • Blending tea

    Try various combinations of blending tea made by mixing it with other liquid tea and extract.

  • Various Cooking Sources

    Instead of sugar and honey, use it as a sauce.

  • Fruit Jam

    It can be applied to bread and used as various fruit jam.