Capsule Goods

Capsule Goods convenient and flavorful
Capsule Goods
  • A simple form
    of ingestion

  • Various types of
    capsule goods

  • Easy car manufacturing
    and consumption

Capsule goods are packaged with ingredients in the form of easy intake, and Esan Global Bio provides various types of capsule goods. You can easily choose from a variety of goods, including Yuzu tea potion, kaki tea potion, and honey fruit tea mix.

The capsule good is designed to make and drink tea conveniently. The user can simply make the tea by putting the capsule in a teacup and pouring hot water. Enjoy your car easily at home without complicated procedures or time consuming.

Each capsule contains specific ingredients and rich flavors, allowing consumers to choose the tea they want. Esan Global Bio's capsule goods offer a variety of flavors and scents, providing a variety of fun while enjoying tea. With easy intake and a variety of choices, capsule goods make the tea drinking process more convenient and special.