Bottle Tea

Bottle Tea exquisite selections
Bottle Tea
  • Supply and demand of
    fresh raw materials

  • Strict screening

  • Various kinds of
    goodion goods

Esan Global Bio produces a variety of bottled tea goods based on the supply and demand of fresh raw materials and strict screening standards. The good lineup includes various ingredients such as yuzu, kaki, lemon, lemon Passion Fruit, citron Passion Fruit, quince, grapefruit, aloe, ginger and jujube.

Esan Global Bio not only selects fresh raw materials for the best quality, but also applies strict screening standards to ensure the quality and safety of its goods. It provides customers with reliable goods.

Bottle goods are portable and convenient, providing consumers with convenient choices. Customers can choose their favorite flavors and ingredients and enjoy the bottle's design and form are designed to be easy to carry.

Esan Global Bio's bottled tea goods offer a wide variety of flavors and nutrients, satisfying customers' diverse Bedeutung. Customers can easily carry and enjoy bottled tea, and each good is made of fresh ingredients to enjoy both taste and health.